Maxo Kream, Trap Duke September 11, 2013
We’re probably somewhere in the third trap revival. The days of TI and Jeezy gave way to Gucci and Flocka and now the kids who grew up on all four of them are making music. From A$AP Ferg to Houston Maxo Kream, the sound is less a regional preference as much as it’s a way […]
It’s vague whether Cory Jreamz is referencing the Allen Ginsberg poem “Howl” or just channeling the feeling of being young, furious, and free to film a video featuring your friends in a fox mask. He does brag that he wants to be “badder than Ernest Hemingway,” which is a great line that can be interpreted […]
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For the unofficial but very official, “DJ Screw Memorial Day” on June 27, some Houston rap legends and young leaning lions celebrated for a very special episode of Boiler Room. In honor of the occasion, Passion of the Weiss is premiering the recorded footage — featuring commentary from two preeminent Screwston rap scholars: MobbDeen and […]
By Deen
“I be hitting more licks than Lewinsky.” Some cop-killing and D.A. spraying rap from a Houston kid who was probably born when they were trying to blame Pac for making muzik to kill state troopers with. Maxo Kream is apparently working with A$AP Ant, which makes the cycle of Houston to NYC back to Houston […]
Max Bell has a pocket full of stones.  There’s no shortage of posts about The Outfit, TX here on this site (see here, here, and here). Each is essentially for the same reason: the Houston, Texas trio is responsible for one of the best albums of 2012. And so, this post is really no different. It’s rare […]
Easy Yves Saint understands that no one will soon forget the UGK, Z-Ro and Jeezy version of “Get Throwed.” So he brings Bun B into his re-make to make the homage explicit. Rap is never shy about re-making classic songs. Don’t even get me started on French Montana’s ill-fated decision to re-fanute “Ice Cream” featuring […]
Dustin-Prestige – I AM LEGEND (Music Video) from Ronnie West on Vimeo. I’m still not sure why Houston rapper Dustin-Prestige doesn’t just call the cops instead of disposing his girl’s body in a dumpster. Maybe he hasn’t seen the “Brenda’s Got a Baby” video? This sort of thing just never works out well. In other […]
Jonah Bromwich invented trillwave. The song’s called “Trill Hip Hop.” The spoken introduction goes as follows: “Greetings friends and associates. This is what we like to call trill hip hop. Laid back vibe. With just a pinch of gangsterism.” The first verse fulfills that exact promise. After all, “Trill Hip Hop” is a Texas variation […]
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To appear interesting at parties and to curry favor with Drakesap Rocky, Passion of the Weiss has long maintained a correspondent in Houston. His name is Shea Serrano and he is the best music writer in a red state. By “red state,” I mean frequently drunk. And by frequently drunk, I mean raising twins while […]
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