A sobering look at the high ands lows of J. Cole's latest, 'KOD.'
Doc Zeus attempts to give J. Cole's latest album a fair shake.
“Back when I was young there was massive niggas, but I past them niggas just being nasty nigga.” If you read that line without context, it’s ostensibly unremarkable. If you remember when Nasir still had the “Nasty” in front of his name, it’s both a commentary on greatness and rap history. By the time Nas […]
Slava P slept easier after writing this. What’s the biggest problem with J.Cole? It depends on who you ask. For some, it’s the fact that he’s constantly compared to legends on a shaky precedent: he raps and produces, so he must be the new Kanye or he rhymes outside a first person perspective and tells […]
Slava P is better at Twitter than J Cole is at making you fall asleep.  If you were anywhere near a computer, you probably noticed that both J.Cole and Chance the Rapper released free mixtapes yesterday. It was the rap game analog to the NBA’s Rookie/Sophomore game. One team consisted of a player who has […]
Dear Summer, I know you’re not gonna’ miss Doc Zeus. On any given day of the week, the Great Internet Hype Factories will post a Hulkshare link from a rapper that you’ve never heard of and will have no interest in listening to. I promise. But through the power of a solid management strategy, they’ve […]
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You’d be forgiven for not realizing that J Cole’s “Who Dat” is one of the year’s biggest hits. Neither New York nor Los Angeles radio plays it with any regularity. On the main Chicago rap station, it sulks near the bottom of the top 40, and judging from a cursory glance through YouTube,  NBA players […]
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