41 "Rare" instrumentals being released by Ma Dukes and Vintage Vibez Music Group.
Chris Daly pairs his doughnuts with daisy flavored IPA’s Here we are, just wrapping up the Q1 books on 2014 hip-hop, and it’s been a mixed quarter for the iconic De La Soul, but the PotW experts still list this crew as a “must buy.” To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the seminal 3 Feet […]
The Dilla deification can get a little over-the-top, so it takes something singular to get me to add more tinder to the fire. But the unflappable House Shoes (who I recently profiled for LA Weekly) comes up clutch once again with Volume 2 of his King James Mix Series. The latest edition blends the original […]
Dilla & Diamonds August 2, 2013
Great rap producers usually rhyme like coaches sons playing basketball. What they lack in natural ability, they always know what spots to be in. They anticipate the rebound or the defense closing in or the right patterns to take. Dilla was one of those rappers. His most effective moments came on Champion Sound because Madlib […]
Max Bell is not fragile. If you’re reading this, you’ve heard of Jonwayne, the “rap game Sam Beckett,” the “open toed Blowedian.” (see here, here, here, or here). Yesterday, marked the release of Cassette 3: The Marion Morrison Mixtape, the third tape in the “Cassette Trilogy.” Taking its name from actor John Wayne — his […]
Part tribute to Dilla, part record collector porn, part King Tut’s tomb. Fuse heads to the D to scope out Dilla’s record collection. It’s 26 minutes but worth watching for Ma Dukes divulging the secrets of how to sample and the ruthless entertainment and diligence of J Rocc and House Shoes There is the usual […]
First the good news: the dysfunction surrounding Dilla’s estate seems to have been resolved. His old attorneys are out the door and the Probate Court of California is overseeing the dispersal of royalties to his surviving heirs — his mother, Illa J, and his two children. They have also revived his never-realized Pay Jay imprint […]
While everyone on the Internet continues to mythologize Dilla on his born day (and I can’t knock the impulse), it’s important to remember that he was a real human being — not some Yoda-like alien chopping up records through the force. This an extensive and pretty essential long interview with Dilla from 2003, conducted in […]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMAqry9TfLs This was Alex Koenig’s rough draft. “Jay-Dee’s Revenge” is the first track to surface from Rebirth of Detroit, an upcoming album that features Detroit artists rapping over unreleased J Dilla beats. But “Revenge” isn’t one of the late producer’s sweeter donuts—the song’s harsh, deep bass line and oscillating synthesizer pattern signify menace. Danny Brown […]
Admittedly, the world doesn’t need any more Dilla hagiography, but credit owed to Benji B and the BBC for doing due diligence in wrangling interviews with Dilla’s family, Slum V, Mos, Busta, Common, Badu and basically everyone who has ever appeared on Okayplayer. It runs an hour and anyone with a passing or cultish interest […]
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