There’s nothing fancy about this Southern Gatorz tape that leaked to little attention last month, save for a shout out from the omniscient Steady Bloggin. Good old fashioned country rap slabs and adamantine trap jams. At a time when trap is the hot new EDM buzzword, this tape is a reminder that there are plenty […]
Evan Nabavian is a very irrefutable person. Which is worse: the most ill-considered rap/rock crossover or the cheapest instance of rap co-opting electronic? I vote for the latter, because rappers keep getting away with it. And yet, here I am giving Jackie Chain a pass on a particularly flagrant fist-pumper. “Night is Young” is as […]
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So this is essentially a Wiz Khalifa song. Yet I do not enjoy Wiz Khalifa, while the Universal-signed Jackie Chain is one of my favorite figures in the new weed rap Renaissance. Of course, there are peripheral concerns — the fall out from “Say Yeah” remains as toxic for me as a three-eyed fish in […]
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