Jamie xx’s Boiler Room Mix December 7, 2012
I suspect I may be done listening to xx albums considering they could wind up this generation’s Interpol — making murky music and repeating sonic patterns and textures until they eventually splinter off into the solo thing. With Jamie xx that might not be a bad thing, considering his minimal but immersive beats were always […]
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Vote Aaron Frank for Secretary of Agriculture. Around my fifth listen of Jamie xx’s new Four Tet remix, I noticed a Soundcloud comment that almost exactly mirrored my feelings on the track. “Totally incredible. It’s the future,” the comment read. And while the first part might have been bombastic praise, the second part about it […]
Failed Hollywood Pitch Idea #164: OK, here’s the story see: you’ve got a veteran jazz musician, down and out, history of drug addiction, but with the wisdom of a guy who has seen HELL AND FURY. Let’s call him Morgan Freeman. One day while singing on the corner he stumbles across a posh, callow but […]
According to Sach: “for those keeping score in the bedroom/indie-oriented dubstep sweepstakes, Darkstar>Jamie XX>James Blake>Mount Kimbie. This could push him to the lead though.”  That sounds about right, even though I can’t rank James Blake over Mount Kimbie. It feels a bit arbitrary, and I’m not convinced that they are different people. Have they ever […]
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