Paul Thompson on Lil Yachty's debut album, Teenage Emotions.
FAT TAPE- FEB 2012 February 29, 2012
Herein lies Abe Beame’s take on the Oscars. DOWNLOAD: Kendrick Lamar- Cartoons and Cereal: Apparently, Section 80 was his Southernplayalistic. Flatbush Zombiez- Thug Waffles: I’m not late on this it just took a minute to track down a working link. These guys grew up a few blocks away from my crib, but one does […]
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Jonah Bromwich only proposed once to a girl at the mall. She said “probably.” Watch the Throne has come and gone and viewpoints have vacillated wildly. But from my original, hyperbolic, disgusted reaction to the more moderate viewpoint I hold now, one opinion has not changed a bit. These beats are pretty goddamn good. Yes, […]