Will Schube takes a look at the new single from Jonwayne.
We’re presenting a rap show on Thursday for people who like rap shows. Maybe you enjoy a good old fashioned rap show? If not, maybe you have accidentally clicked onto the wrong site. The confusion may be my fault. We are in the promise of revitalizing the prestigious Cat Fancy brand in order to create […]
The song is called “Good Samaritan,” but the impulse is to beat, rob, and bloody the track until it’s twitching half-dead in the road. The Wayniac links up with Alchemist, with assists from Ras G and Samiyam at the Santa Monica laboratory, that industrial furnace contributing to the demise of the ozone layer, one exhaled […]
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As Zilla Rocca tweeted: DOOM is so dope that there are about six rappers under 25 who jack his style wholesale and are Internet sensations. Jonwayne is not one of the imitators. Call him that and he’ll walk up to you in public and throw a shoulder block at your Adam’s Apple, the same way […]
Tosten Burks stole Warren Buffet’s billion dollar prize. It is likely that none but Stones Throw’s shaggy sumo philosopher Jonwayne are quoting Bukowski and sampling flamenco guitar in the same song. “The Desert” comes just as LA starts to smolder, complete with all the rich soil and thick blood necessary to survive in the Mojave […]
There was a time when Jonwayne quit rapping for a 9 to 5. It should’ve been a simple time, designing spread sheets, promoting synergy, devising ways to strengthen the brand while ensuring that its core growth metrics were as appealing as the face on a new-born baby. But things didn’t work out. Gemini’s are notorious […]
Jon Wayne would murk it on Christian Mingle. I was a week into touring and starting to feel the drags of drinking every night and morning to wear off the respective terrors of performing and flying, starting to seek sleep whenever I could during the day to combat my physical exhaustion. Running on a quarter […]