"100% Juice" features Lil Herb, Project Pat, Future, Boosie, Weezy, production from the 808 Mafia, Sonny Digital, Mike Will, and more.
Don’t make Deen push that button Oh hi! You really thought I wasn’t going to write about Juicy J’s new single? I’m offended but I’ll let it slide because playas fuck up too. Between the incessant promo on Twitter and the line-up on ‘Low’, it’s safe to assume that Juicy J and his label are […]
By Deen
Peter Holslin always liked Raphael the best “Ninja Rap” is the best song Vanilla Ice ever wrote. I’m not just saying that because I used to be a five-year-old boy who loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze. I know the original 1990 film is way better. But you can’t mess […]
Average age on this is about 37, proving that the No Flex Zone is an all-welcoming universal paradise garage, absent from flexation.  Rae Sremmurd is going to be the best rap trivia question answer in 2024. Via Nah Right
Juicy J Aint’ Gotta Say Shit September 13, 2013
Photo By Bryan Sheffield for Spin There about 10 tabs open on my browser filled with songs from artists who I’d like to write about. And here I am, about to devote our 83,432 post to Juicy J in the last year. I just spent my entire Labor Day weekend writing a 3,000 word Spin […]
Girls better be crafty to make Juicy happy (“Hippie bitch made an apple bong, good weed, alcohol” – Wax)
Deen originated the Bombay Gin dance. I wasn’t planning to write anything about Stay Trippy due to my pre-existing bias in favor of Juicy J’s music. He’s my spirit animal, you see. There’s also the fact that I’m so overly pleased with the album that a review might begin to tread into uncomfortable and vaguely […]
By Deen
Deen remains trippy. For those of you who’ve been paying attention, you’re aware that I’ve probably been listening to all things Freddie Gibbs. After all, he dropped 2 singles and a video in the last week or so. Oh and he decided to drop his album 3 weeks early once it leaked. But a few […]
By Deen
Juicy J: a simple man who just wants a Louis bag, some lean with mud in it and the finest of herbal vapors. Other verses contributed to the “Show Out” Remix” courtesy of T.I. and Pimp C’s ghost. This might be one of the better posthumous verses of Chad Butler — a fitting tribute for […]
As someone who values an intake of illicit substances far in excess of what a normal 30-something citizen should consume, Juicy J is an inspiration. He is approaching Hunter Thompson territory with his late-period incarnation. Granted, this might be more Songs of the Doomed than Hells Angels (or Mystic Stylez), but Juicy continues his hit […]