Doc Zeus is okay with Anthony Bennett too. Looking back on the past fifteen years of hip hop, one of the biggest blown opportunities was that the misguided dogma of mainstream and independent hip hop fans prevented a generation of talented performers from collaborating. A self-imposed segregation of the genre helped stifle overall creativity, create […]
Nothing says Friday afternoon like some “Riverdance on your Face with cleats music.” My favorite part of this song is the end when they start trading bars and you realize, oh shit, they have become a group and are not just two respectively great solo artists rapping. They are basically making people sit up and […]
If you hopped in the Delorean and warped back to ’97 and told me that Daddy Fat Sacks of the honorable ATLiens would be collaborating with the man with ye olde lyrics of fire from Company Flow, I would have turned in my driver’s license, knowing that this song would eventually cause me to get […]
El-P & Killer Mike Get It April 29, 2013
Remember that thing earlier where I said that Fantasy Draft rap collaborations rarely work out. This Run the Jewels cut from El-P and Killer Mike is pretty much the exact opposite of that statement. If anyone wants to finance my screenplay about these two winning congressional races and going to Washington D.C. to teach the […]
“Run the Jewels” is the new name for the assault rifle rap duo of El-P and Killer Mike. El was saying last night on Twitter how he watched Killer Mike freestyle an entire record. So you can probably assume that this was freestyled. You can also assume that almost everything they say is gospel, considering […]
Harold Stallworth has never seen a G-Unit licence plate. Living up to a moniker as swaggering as “The Genius” is an uphill battle. But in the Autumn of 1995, Gza planted his flag at the summit of Mount Wu-Tang with the release of Liquid Swords. The watershed album cemented his place among the rap industry’s […]
The only reality show I want to watch is Killer Mike and Mitt Romney locked in a Big Brother-style house with 40 acres worth of weed and several horses trained for dressage competition. Special guests include: El-P, Paul Ryan, Tom Morello, and the ghost of Ronald Reagan quoting lines from Bedtime for Bonzo. Or at […]
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Killer Mike and King Koopa have roots dating back to the crunk years. Back in 05, Mike Render and the good Pastor helped Cham get revenge. A few years later, the pair teamed with Messy Marv to make a very good song about money and cars in a genre with many good songs about money […]
Killer Mike keeps a blunt, a Bible, a basket of fruit, and a gun on him. Dresses up in dictator uniform. Clutches a staff. Like Parker Lewis, he is not losing.
In which the Into the Wild Tour meets the Canuck eccentric interview king. El gets a Criminal Minded USB chain, a Biz Markie doll, Fat Boys vinyl, and reveals that his business card says: he’s white, but he’s dope.
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