Our MF DOOM tribute continues with Evan Nabavian goes in on the villain's three-headed alter ego.
Our MF DOOM tribute rolls on as Dean Van Nguyen explores the King Geedorah cut starring Hassan Chop.
Our MF DOOM tribute continues with POW Recordings artist Rhys Langston memorializes this choice King Geedorah cut.
Thank you very much, Sach O’s billing till Thursday. Alternately known for British rap icons (Roots Manuva, Wiley, Jammer) and extreme left-field US Hip-Hop (Majesticons, Anti-Pop Consortium, cLOUDDEAD), Ninja Tune offshoot Big Dada records rarely ever aims for the conventional Hip-Hop crowd. Even by the experimental standards of contemporaries Def Jux or Stones Throw, Big […]
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