The Essence of Shmoplife April 12, 2016
Evan Nabavian breaks down Shmoplife, the Bay Area movement your hedonistic tendencies deserve.
Best song with “Cat” in the title since “Cat Daddy?” Pretty obviously. I for one am enthused that cat owners are getting their fair share of attention from a rap game that has been exclusively pro-dog since well before X told us that pit bulls were his only pals. You shouldn’t have to choose between […]
Peace, Love & Shmoplife January 30, 2013
For the rest of the year, every other rap crew will be hard-pressed to top the title of Kool John and company’s, Peace, Love & Shmoplife. There are few things more fun to say than Shmop. It’s up there with fanute as one of the greatest imaginary words turned real that you can use in […]