Evan Nabavian stands up for the past decade of the legendary MC.
David Ma's column spotlighting the making of pivotal rap songs returns as he dives into the Black Elvis/Lost in Space single.
Reed Jackson and Kool Keith talk about rappers looking dirty, Keith's newest record, Feature Magnetic, and alternative uniforms for cops.
The latest collaboration between Kool Keith and MF DOOM.
Mello Music Group drops the latest Kool Keith album, a collaboration with L'Orange
“My Sons” features a reinvigorated Kool Keith employing the term as a noun, verb, adjective and so forth
Art by aaronisnotcool Kool Keith and Prince Metropolis Known drop off-balance fadeaway auto-tune swishes loosely about Mr. Disappointment and the NBA’s Stefan Urkelle. The song is called “Durant and Westbrook” and features Keith and the Lion rapping about bisexual white women and Lebron bribing Keith to South Beach via Spanish mamis. Spike Lee is amazed […]
Abe Beame wants you to consider to “The Infamous Prelude” before reading this. It’s incredible that this was my first time going through Kool Keith’s 96 classic, Dr. Octagonecologyst. It arrived smack in the middle of my burgeoning love of underground hip hop. Sure, there was Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas, P.E., all the obvious cultural touchstones […]
Kool Keith – The Game Is Free (Feat Megabone) from Junkadelic Music on Vimeo. Evan Nabavian wears capes but won’t go near a sequin. Kool Keith wears a sequined burqa and a cape in the video for “The Game is Free.” He’s joined by an obscure group called Megabone who also dress like the rebellious […]
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