Max Bell conducts all business meetings at the IHOP. The wise man knows that he knows nothing at all. I’m either paraphrasing Socrates or RZA. Listening to too much rap in college can cause you to conflate philosophers and rappers on a regular basis. Baton Rouge’s Southside Brasi, Kevin Gates doesn’t know many things either. He […]
If you can watch this video and don’t get shook, then I feel sorry for you. Shit like this is why I loved rap music in the first place. It reminds me of the first time I heard the Menace II Society soundtrack with “Str8 Up Menace,” “Trigga Gots No Heart,” and “Pocket Full of […]
When the sad robot met the sad robot. I just wish we could have a grand remix with Gates and Future and the wealthy homie. Gates naturally murders this, the way he did “Love Sosa.”   I’m pretty sure that Rich Homie Quan has a low-level strain of Asperberger’s, as no matter what anyone does […]
It’s been said by Deen and others that Kendrick omitted plenty of great rappers off the laundry list of rappers that he bleached. Killer Mike, Danny Brown, Freddie Gibbs, Gunplay, Kevin Gates, Action Bronson, Schoolboy Q. Along with Kendrick, those are my picks for the top eight of the last year and none were mentioned […]
Bodega rap from the dirty. Gates links up with the Cashville All Star for this cut from Stranger Than Fiction. Video looks like it was coated in the appropriate layer of decay, filth, and red solo cups. Croaking world-weary rap is always the best rap.
Kevin Gates at 4:30 A.M. June 25, 2013
Kevin Gates: he really does it. For murderous street narratives, there is only him and Kendrick. Maybe Gibbs and The Hybrid when they want. Who else has lines like: where were you when I was slumped over, gums hurting from an old bullet, in front the toilet puking my insides while I was hunched over.” […]
Kevin Gates: everybody’s sworn favorite — except for the one guy in the comments section who insists otherwise.  We celebrate complicated personalities in rap — at least in the post-Kanye world. I have met few more tough to categorize than the Baton Rouge vampire-loving auto-tune-using anti-materialist who loves luxury goods. Sometimes. I guess by dint […]
Straight out of the Kevin Gates video playbook: lounging on a bed in a white tee with a very sexy woman. Religious imagery. D-Boys. The forlorn stressed-out shot in which his world is going to crumble but you know he will triumph. He is Gates and he will not lose. I have been part of […]
The site is back running after a 24-hour blackout in celebration of my deal to write the world’s first emoticon-only novel about Wu-Tang. Unfortunately, the contract fell through and we’re back to square 36. I come bearing gifts, gifts that I have taken from somewhere else, which I believe is the definition of godliness. This […]
With Young Scooter headed to the pen to play paddycake with his sound-a-like cellmate, Gucci, it seems only fitting to post “Strong.” Originally released late last year on Kevin Gates’ street album, In the Meantime, it’s been re-circulated among the blogs who posted about Kevin Gates before Atlantic said it was okay to post about […]