Kyle Ellison has never made fun of Clayton Kershaw’s Amish beard Tink is impressive on so many levels that it can be distracting. The 19-year old rapper / singer has a rare natural range, equally capable of finding those hidden melodies which elevate an R&B lullaby or the burst of aggression that pushes a drill […]
Kyle Ellison alternated with the greatest and updated his speech When you have a voice like Flowdan’s it doesn’t take much to evoke straight-up fear through the system. Paired with Footsie’s beat on ‘Ambush’ – a sinister hybrid somewhere between grime and trap – the Roll Deep emcee creates what Peep Show’s Super Hans might […]
Magnificent, heavenly the god Kyle Ellison stays bent It finally happened – a rapper is going by the name of God. If Yeezus was too subtle a concept for you, or you feel that the Rap Gods, Based Gods and God’s Sons of the world are beating around the burning bush, then let’s put a […]
Kyle Ellison will ghost you if you sleep on him Grime as a product is a difficult sell by name and definition. Occasionally a tune will slip behind enemy lines as if by accident, but there’s rarely much logic to those that do. If anyone knows the secret to German Whip’s success then they’re smarter […]
Kyle Ellison ain’t got no Weezy in his Serato Between Nicki getting back to her fire breathing best, Lil Wayne’s preparation for what he says is his final album and Drake’s intolerance of lint – Young Money is back in the conversation. This past weekend saw all three of the label’s cash money cows showcased […]
Codename: Kyle Ellison, all praise him. The piano has been drinking, not Tree. Tom Waits references are played out when it comes to the gruff-voiced uncle of Chicago rap, but in this video for ‘Godlike’ – the highlight of his recent-ish EP – Tree plays up his connection to the piano bluesman. Despite sharing a […]
Kyle Ellison lives his life like a candle in a wind tunnel Chance the Rapper is the kind of clumsy-ass Sesame Street rap name that we all wish we didn’t have to say out loud. For the most part you can get away with shortening it to Chance, but on a scale of 1 to […]
Kyle Ellison and Joe Hooker have never been seen in the same room together Rap bloggers may not be able to write blog posts as fast as Young Thug is currently writing rap songs, but fellow Black Portlandian Bloody Jay hasn’t yet got the credit he deserves. Thugga’s position in the limelight is justified, as […]
Kyle Ellison owns 17 Koo Koo Roo’s.  When Rozay released Rich Forever two years ago it felt like almost anything that he laid his mollusk-moisturized hands on could be a certified hit. Maybe those anti-austerity anthems struck a cathartic chord in the heart of the economic crash, or maybe we all just enjoy something we […]
Kyle Ellison needs Cigarillos from the corner store. It’s sometimes hard to tell whether Atlanta’s latest crop of eccentrics are bored or exhilarated by rap. Half of the time it sounds as though the city’s young rappers might actually pass out from excitement, either buzzing off of some loopy synth beat or a lean-induced sugar […]