The new Extra P single from his forthcoming solo album, Re:Living
Harold Stallworth takes care to never say the year. Few rappers live to enjoy a level of acclaim so universal that praise and applause, no matter how deserving, runs the risk of coming across as cliché. “In The Scrolls,” slated to appear on Large Professor’s forthcoming solo album, Living Legend, finds the good professor saluting […]
Harold Stallworth always bets on blue and cream. There’s plenty of reasons to thumb your nose at “Industry,” the latest leak from Cormega’s long-delayed fifth album, Mega Philosophy: Large Professor’s smooth, polished production, while impressive in itself, simply doesn’t mesh well with Mega’s abrasive style; there’s an absolutely tragic mention of “swag” chased by a […]
Max Bell is an advocate for Russian head wear The UN came in with the best. Comprised of Roc Marciano (fresh from his brief tenure as a member of Busta Rhymes’ Flipmode Squad) and three of his childhood friends from Long Island — Laku, Divine, and Godfree – the group first appeared on Pete Rock’s […]
Deen’s only problem with the 90s is that the word “Fanute” had yet to be discovered. I could only listen to this once. But that’s because I’ve heard enough from Life Is Good at this point and want to salvage that initial listening experience by avoiding further leaks. Still. HOLY SHIT! This is excellent and […]
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If I lied and claimed that this is an artifact excavated from a dusty crate sealed since 1994, you would not know the difference. Really. Since I’m reasonably honest, the truth is that the 45 was released this year on French-imprint Favorite Recordings. The Funk League are flaneurs too, content to carouse amidst the booming […]
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