Peter Holslin invented seapunk Los Macuanos is probably the grooviest band I’ve ever heard that makes music about politics, corruption, narco violence and urban decay. Their Latin rhythms are murky and vaguely threatening, but their digitized hand drums bang plenty hard, too. Their horn samples are suffused in ghostly echo and reverb, but these ghouls […]
How did Sach O get home last night? Bass. How low can you go? Plenty low apparently because after two continuous nights of getting my chest caved in by pounding sub-frequencies while imbibing a pirate’s share of rum, I can assuredly say I need a slight reprieve from Dubstep and its siblings. Captain Morgan and Jack […]
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I could spend months combing crates in Spanish Harlem, and still lack Oliver Wang’s knowledge of Boogaloo, that fusion of Afro-Caribbean polyrhythms, Cuban Jazz, doo-wop and soul that flourished in New York and Latin America from 1965-1970. If you’re looking for a definitive take on the music and culture, his Da Capo anthologized essay from […]
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