Austin Brown takes a look at 'Supa Vultures,' the new EP from Lil Durk and Lil Reese.
Harold Stallworth still has a ringtone. Throughout the Clinton era, rap music and telephones were a heavenly match. Mobb Deep’s “Party Over,” Biggie Smalls’ “Warning,” Danja Mowf’s “Phone Tag,” Medina Green’s “Crosstown Beef,” The Firm’s “Phone Tap,” and Capone-N-Noreaga’s “Phone Time” were recorded in a world when jacks still had an air of mystique about […]
Stop Callin Lil Durk’s Phone September 5, 2013
Pretty sure that Lil Durk did not intend this as the anti-“867-5309,” but it’s a lot more fun if you imagine it that is. I’m still riding for Durk as the Drill rapper for people who don’t like drill rap. He’s gone full sad robot over the last couple releases, which adds an eerie sinister […]
“I can’t do no shows because they say I terrify my city…they say I terrify my city.” Jonah Bromwich recently covered Durk’s string of singles, so there is no need to repeat. But Durk and Paris Bueller create anthems like few other rapper-producer duos. Of course, there is also Young Chop and Keef. Who knew […]
Jonah Bromwich is the sausage king of Chicago. When it comes to music hyper-fandom, there are generalists and there are specialists. If you’re a generalist in the internet age, pretending to any kind of omniscience is a herculean task.  There’s no way to keep abreast of a broad swathe of everything when everything is so […]
Deen doesn’t care what you don’t like. Given recent events (which we won’t link to), it’s nice to hear some fire ass Chicago music that one can enjoy guilt-free. Even better is the fact that it doesn’t sound like Memphis revivalist shit masquerading under whatever new moniker the industry (or whoever is in charge of […]
By Deen
Lil Durk’s name sounds like it was conceived by the South Park guys during a particularly ethnically insensitive fit. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t get as much attention as Chief Keef, who has emerged as the national apotheosis of  Chicago’s drill rap scene. It’s regrettable but understandable. Keef is the better narrative. He’s younger, lives […]