6 Feet Deep March 3, 2011
I never liked “A Milli.” This admission sets me at odds with 92 percent of Arbitron findings and 99.8 percent of those rocking facial tattoos — an unenviable percentage sure, but I’m sticking to my gun(z). To me, the street single from “Carter III” always seemed discursive and rambling — a wasted opportunity where Wayne […]
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Doc Zeus has a PhD: a player hating degree. I will be rooting for the Packers on Sunday. Now I have no allegiance to Wisconsin, nor do I have any special affinity for fromage. I don’t care for their colors and I certainly couldn’t care less if a Packers victory would somehow spite Brett Favre […]
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Many moons ago, there was this. Then there was this. Now Jonathan Bradley looks back at what many believe is the best Lil Wayne album. As Cheech Marin said upon witnessing the rising of the Titanic in in Ghostbusters II: better late than never. At the bottom of the bayou, rising up from the mud […]
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