David Ma speaks to Billy Danze about the Brownsville duo's immortal stick-up anthem.
Son Raw's retrospective essay series returns with a look at the Brooklyn rap duo's 2000 masterwork.
Zilla Rocca and Billy Danze talk N.W.A., Bobby Bonilla, and a yearly DJ Premier/M.O.P. collaboration.
Judging from the fan-boy murderer’s row of selections on the Iron Fists soundtrack, my guess is that Bobby Digital has allowed Quentin T. to make his own list of dream collaborations. Or they have a very gifted 30-year old music supervisor who understands that not only were Freddie Gibbs and Meth supposed to rap together, […]
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The History of M.O.P. November 14, 2011
In preparation for the last part of the greatest producers list. Shocking spoiler: DJ Premier will be in the top 10. Now that your day has been ruined, allow me to make up for it with an hour of M.O.P.’s greatest hits–mixed by Statik Selektah. The ideal soundtrack for throwing bricks through shop windows, slapping […]