Will Hagle explores the final tracks by artists before their untimely deaths.
Steven Louis commemorates the life and career of the late Pittsburgh rapper/producer.
Mac Miller drops his first major label album, aided by Tyler the Creator, Thundercat, Lil B and Chief Keef,
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Jonah Bromwich will house you. There’s no doubt that Mac Miller changed his public image last year, but that fact alone shouldn’t be enough to condemn him.  You’ll remember that Mac originally emerged from the woodwork praising rap’s golden age and rapping over the likes of Pete Rock and Primo.  It was nice, sweet, cringeworthy, […]
Slava P records Gypsy Bossa Nova under the alias, Matthieu Boulevardier You know what I’m thankful for? The revival of the concept album. Coming into 2012, the concept of a concept album seemed to be all but dead, replaced by the overwhelming stench of swag and ratchet pussy. So, I’m thankful that artists like Killer […]
Max Bell’s rap name was the Ancient Senator. Probably not. My pants stop sagging in the early-aughts. I realized I was never going to be a rapper and my mother breathed a sigh of relief. Now I write about rap music. Let’s just say her anxiety about my future is higher. I wonder how Schoolboy’s […]
Evan Nabavian will slap the taste out your mouth if you call him an old soul. Before I say anything about Mac Miller, let me disclose that I am white and I was four years old when Illmatic came out. I rapped under the name Judah The Maccabee for about two weeks before I realized […]
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