Continuing Son Raw’s look back at 12 of the most interesting and impactful albums of the year 2000. The April edition was slightly late because… pandemic.
Will Schube goes in on the New York MC's Madlib-produced single.
Joel Biswas surveys one of the most anticipated (and best) albums of the year.
Madeleine Byrne takes a look at Madlib's 420 Chalice All Stars, ahead of its reissue via Rappcats.
On its 20 year anniversary, a look back at Madlib & Kazi's unsung gem, "Black Market Seminar" -- currently being re-issued.
In the wake of his indie rock success, Sam Herring heads out in search of the Beat Konducta.
Originally released as the third bonus disc of Madlib’s third Medicine Show, Otis Jackson’s Jr’s spare chops, flips, and other alembic contortions finally come to light. Nothing fancy, just drum slaps and stop-motion animation technique applied to old Nigerian highlife, Afro-beat, and Ethiopian jazz. Weird science from Beat Konducta always welcomed. All 13 Medicine Shows […]
Madlib – Cue 06 May 14, 2014
Little more needs to be said about Otis Jackson Jr. If we’re talking sample-based producers, he’s on Mount Rushmore. He wrings maximum soul from old wax like no one else. This is a beat stripped from the very good Stones Throw documentary, My Vinyl Weighs a Ton. The rest of the soundtrack/DVD can be acquired […]
Harold Stallworth is infatuated with Donald Goines’ novels. “The creative geography has collapsed over the last few years in Los Angeles.” This is a sentence I wish I could take credit for, but it’s an observation that only a California native, such as this publication’s editor, who lived through an era where Xzibit’s At The […]