A reminder that the ratchet cities were Shreveport and Baton Rouge before the Miley and molly crowds stole it like Prometheus untwerked. Max Minelli is a BR legend and the backstory has already been articulated here. If you know his catalogue, he has plenty of searing tears for the fallen songs, trunk rattlers to ride around […]
Max Bell is predisposed to like artists with the name Max. If you really want an in-depth view of Baton Rouge rapper Max Minelli, see Jeff’s extensive interview with Minelli published this time last year. But if brevity is your thing, here’s the short, short version: Max Minelli has been rapping, as many rappers from […]
Vaguely generic but bludgeoning Baton Rouge rap that I am posting because it’s a Friday and everyone is wired or snowed in and there is a Max Minelli guest appearance. People have been comparing Kevin Gates to Lil Boosie lately and that feels like a false comparison only brought on by people knowing two rappers […]
Max Minelli ranks among the most slept-on rappers to ever exhale. So slept on that he couldn’t even make Complex’s list of most slept-on rappers of all-time. He and Masta Ace might have been the most glaring omissions. Maybe it is a rappers with M names thing. Maybe not. Max Payne has been putting it […]
I met Max Minelli in a strip mall parking lot on a broiling Baton Rouge May afternoon. The  Boosie trial had just ended and the city was slowly settling back into its usual hair trigger lull. We spoke for about an hour, pausing every ten minutes when a different patron passed by, stopped, and strolled […]