Evan Nabavian will be battling Stalley live on UHF In a coup for investigative journalism, I’ve obtained a copy of Meek Mill’s “2011 Maybach Music Group Weed Carriage Employment Agreement”. I know it’s authentic because it’s on MMG letterhead and because I got it from Gunplay in exchange for a mason jar of cocaine — […]
Joshua Lerner has delusions of flaneur. For some time now, the career arcs of Rick Ross and Lupe Fiasco have followed opposing trajectories. Five years ago, the very ordinary job of Florida corrections officer, revealed to be hiding at the bottom of Ross’s resume, put his drug kingpin persona in peril. But from where Ross […]
Joshua Lerner is Mighty Narrow. I’ll be honest. I didn’t know exactly what to make of Rockie Fresh. A few weeks back, I caught his set at the Bottom Lounge here in Chicago, and I experienced a range of conflicting thoughts about the man and his music. I briefly met Rockie before the set and, […]
Slava P briefly dated the Maybach Music Girl. For a team that fairly recent started gaining traction, Maybach Music Group has already accrued a fairly popular, if polarizing, roster. There’s the tilapia-loving bawse, Rick Ross; the misguided Midwest transplant, Stalley; the one-man-twerk-machine, Omarion; Meek ‘No Indoor Voice’ Mill; and their newest signee, Rockie Fresh, who […]
Max Bell is sparking one for Mike Myers’ career. I doubt that if ‘Michael Jackson came alive right now’ he would want you to spark one for him. And I call GZA and those eight other guys he rapped with some of my greatest math teachers so you might have to check my math, but […]