Around the time of the release of "Born Like This," David Ma spoke with the supervillain about his iconic mask, his salad days in KMD, and being inspired by Ghostface Killah and Charles Bukowski.
Ben Grenrock takes a look at MF DOOM's early singles, twenty years later.
Chris Daly cures your summer ailments with a fresh new DOOM mix from German producers Session Victims.
Ghost and DOOM go together like Wallabees and Slick Rick jewels. The latest video "Raygun" off the Ghostface x BadBadNotGood album is dipped in Blaxploitation bliss.
It’s been a decade since Madvillain, which I already spent 16 years of my life lionizing earlier this summer. Less remembered is this live show that DOOM did that January at San Francisco’s DNA Lounge. It eventually found it’s way to outside oxygen, courtesy of Nature Sound’s, Live From Planet X. The entire 5-hour show […]
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Eric Thurm would like a snack “Darkness,” the first released track from the NehruvianDOOM EP, was straight garbage. Nehru’s flow was as unoriginal as DOOM’s Special Herbs-jacking production, and the whole thing stunk of a cash-in, DOOM just putting his name on another project because he could pull it off without having to do any […]
Eric Thurm still kinda likes Key To The Kuffs. DOOM and Bishop Nehru dropping “Darkness,” the first track and visual from their collaborative album NehruvianDOOM, should have been an exciting moment for fans who’ve been waiting for new material from the masked villain like stoned pilgrims. But everything about “Darkness” is… dark, and not in […]
Paul Thompson eats rappers as part of a complete breakfast You know MF DOOM as the villain. Operation: Doomsday was the warning shot, the fractured origin story; Vaudeville Villain and the rest of the early-aughts side projects served as a slow crescendo to the main event. When Madvillainy finally hit shelves and cerebellums, there was […]
Harold Stallworth owns several copies of Masta Killa’s live album. During the filming of the first three seasons of Louie, the show’s lead, Louis C.K., never rehearsed his lines beforehand. He subscribes to the theory that intense repetition compromises the authenticity of a theatrical performance; that practice, does not in fact, always make perfect. In […]