Jack Riedy goes in on the T-Jay Beats-produced single ahead of Reems' new EP dropping in November.
Thomas Johnson parts the seas and attempts to evaluate another water-based project from Mick Jenkins
Tosten Burks asked Jeeves. Whether or not you think it’s a rapper’s obligation to write protest music during times of protest, Chicago’s Mick Jenkins cares not. An autumn removed from his eerie, brilliant, peanut butter loafer’d hydration PSA The Water[s], the windy city’s flyest Creflo Dollar critic didn’t take to the studio this embattled Christmas […]
Will Hagle is waterproof — that means he can’t be wet The public service announcements in Los Angeles remind us to remember our watering days. Houses with even addresses should only water their lawns Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Odd addresses can take Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. On Mondays we all take a break to dump […]
Mick Jenkins, Martyr November 12, 2013
Tosten Burks is beatified. One of Chicago’s best young lyricists this side of the tweakers, twists 2013’s most iconic sample into lamentations of lifestyle, praying he’s not too preachy but preaching nonetheless. To the boys carrying guns to the beat, to the girls leaving their cherry stems in the street: everyone’s hanging too high to […]
Will Hagle is Jeezy-laughing at life. Mick Jenkins might be the Al Capone of modern Chicago gangsta rap. Elegantly dressed, yet menacing. Over a string-heavy, darkly cinematic beat that sounds like an outtake from Cage’s Movies For The Blind, Jenkins explains what he will do to you if he catches you on the street without […]