Max Bell lives for the funk and dies for the funk. Seven is the name George Costanza ostensibly wanted for his first child. I don’t think L.A. based singer and producer Seven Davis Jr.’s parents were big fans of Mickey Mantle or Seinfeld, but I won’t rule it out until I can ask him and check […]
More modern funk, this time courtesy of Turquoise Summers, straight out of Chino and first cousins with the unfadeable Dam-Funk. I wrote about A Touch of Turquoise back in April and it remains one of the year’s most slept-on and best albums. Since summer’s almost gone, Turquoise drops off another jam called “Out from the […]
Some broiling modern funk out of Miami, complete with the florescent chord progressions and pastel synthesizers that you’d come to expect from the tropical humidity. Psychic Mirrors is a 10-piece disco group who record for a label called Cosmic Chronic Records, which leads me to imagine that they may have touched grass once or twice. […]
Dam-Funk dropped Toeachizown nearly three and a half years ago, long enough for the galaxy of artists inspired by him to do their own re-interpretations of the modern funk sound. You can hear the influence in everyone from Tuxedo to Toro y Moi, to Tyler, the Creator and Onra. Inspiration is a tough thing to […]
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The saga continues. Dam–Funk drops something new, the download limit is almost instantly eclipsed, and I am contractually compelled to post regardless. Following a brief sabbatical from Twitter and Tumblr, Damon Riddick, contender for the title of world’s most righteous, has returned with great vengeance and fury. A cold kept me away from last Monday’s […]
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The Trunkfunk of Henning February 1, 2011
Twitter’s existence is validated for two reasons: its ability to aid communications amongst revolutionaries in far-flung corners of the world, and to offer Dam-Funk a platform to spout non-sequiturs, anecdotes, and music recommendations. Reading the man’s Twitter feed affords a window into his library of arcane funk gems but also new jacks continuing to carry […]
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