Will Schube is like Missy on the chorus — tight The latest single from Moon Duo conjures up a menacing figure. Whether that figure is man or beast isn’t as relevant as the smooth terror it creates. “Animal” is a psychedelic trip to the graveyard after the gates have been closed. The track’s brevity, along […]
Moon Duo: discovering the sound the Strokes should have in 2013 if the 2013 Strokes didn’t insist on exhibiting the sluggishness of stroke victims. If I’m Julian Casablancas, I would swag dracula the fuck out of this song. Ripley Johnson, believe it. Taking classic Kraut rock and drone and blasting it into oblivion. Somehow making […]
Moon Duo make murderous chainsaw roars danceable. Danceable by 60s standards. Not by cat daddy or 2Chainz hallmarks of excellence.  I could see “Sleepwalker” soundtracking a lost scene from Factory Girl where Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol dance with some androgynous turtlenecked German industrialists interested in investing in Chelsea Girls. One is named Klaus because […]
Douglas Martin listened to 1,498 records this year. By a rough estimate. A bunch of great indie labels released music this year. If I paid tribute to them all, it would feature over 100 albums with a word count that rivals The Iliad. Sub Pop, Matador, Merge, Domino, 4AD, Slumberland, Captured Tracks, Woodsist, In the […]
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Motorik and Moon Duo February 19, 2010
Moon Duo do everything but stumble. Less spin off and more sequel to Wooden Shjips, the duo of guitarist Erik Johnson and keyboardist Sanae Yamada burn gasoline with the same motorik groove as their obvious Krautrock forebears. But if the original open-road exhaust of Neu and Cluster was meant to mushroom above the obsidian Autobahn, […]