Will Schube believes they put a man on the moon I spent much of this past brutal Colorado winter layered in sweat pants and all-down-everything (slippers included), listening to Moonface’s Julia With Blue Jeans On over and over—Spencer Krug’s husky voice and powerful piano accompanying the seemingly constant snowfall. There’s something wonderfully intimate about Krug’s […]
Trey Kerby didn’t invent being a chill bro, but he perfected it. Spencer Krug is probably a jerk. For one, he’s named Spencer. Then there is that one time he grew a mustache for no reason. He’s wearing a headband in his Wikipedia picture, which he didn’t choose, but it still counts because that means […]
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Bad Moonface Rising June 28, 2011
Spencer Krug is resistant to reductive analysis. A conservative dude would’ve stayed in Frog Eyes, played the keyboard behind Carey Mercer’s cat-killing cacophonies and scarfed Tim Horton’s throughout one endless Canuck road trip. But Spencer Krug is not a conservative dude. How else to explain his glorious technicolor dream coat and head wrap above. The […]
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