Son Raw experienced this mix at a rate of 7 bruck outs per song. Both Mumdance and Wen have had banner years, with the former reinventing his drum-machine heavy sound in collaboration with Logos, Pinch and Mao and the later practically inventing his own hybrid form combining Dubstep’s darkness, Grime’ urban aggression and Funky’s slink. […]
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Son Raw is sipping on a Blue Mountain roast. My day job precludes me from coming up with more words, as it requires most of the words I’m able to generate in a day, but I highly recommend this latest mix from Mumdance, coming just over a month after his recent Twist & Turns opus. […]
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Son Raw refused to use the word Grimegaze in this post… but not in this byline. Yesterday, I briefly touched on the defeatism of cleaned up, revivalist dance pop so it’s encouraging to hear a free project that flies in the face of that approach so thoroughly as to stand as an obvious counterpoint. London […]