Nardwuar Vs. Wu-Tang July 7, 2014
I could watch 24 minutes of the RZA just reciting his own nicknames. Ghostface, U-God, Cappadonna, Masta Killa and Raekwon also in the building. 20 years after The Show, U-God still trying to steal the show. Masta Killa tells Nardwuar that he isn’t pimping his hat right. RZA starts quoting the Buddha, talking kung fu […]
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“To Nardwuar” has become a verb meaning to ambush an interviewee with the most random facts that you can cull from their past. But like the essay getting bastardized into the thinkpiece, this was once just called good journalism. It’s strange how the Internet has empowered us to be able to dig up the most […]
This could only rightfully run on April Fool’s Day. Pharrell grills Nardwuar, giving him cheese bow-ties, books about Vancouver history, and the sheet music for Vancouver’s “Here’s a Ho.” This might be the greatest thing he’s done since Hell Hath No Fury. For further Nardwuar reading, check this interview that Jimmy Ness did with him […]
Nardwuar Vs. Pharrell March 25, 2013
Nardwuar getting to the nitty-gritty that the people want to know: what was it like in Teddy Riley’s studio in Virginia Beach circa 92. Major facts discovered: Pharrell only wrote the Teddy Riley’s verse on “Rumpshaker,” not the entirety of the song. His early group, Surrounded By Idiots, with Timbaland and Magoo. Magoo takes his […]
Max Bell is the Morris Day of the blogosphere. First impressions can make or break you. That’s always been the case, but lately, they’ve become the foundation of hype for still-developing rappers who aren’t yet worthy of the adulation. When I think about the too-much too-soon trend, the first name that comes to mind is […]