Rappers of the Decade returns as Abe Beame compiles the best of Nicki Minaj's work.
Kyle Ellison hasn’t worn pink since Cam left the Roc. We’re now ten months into 2014 and the only Cash Money record you can buy in stores is the ironically titled Young Money compilation, Rise of an Empire. Tha Carter V is missing in action, The Pinkprint has been pushed back again and Tyga is being kept […]
Average age on this is about 37, proving that the No Flex Zone is an all-welcoming universal paradise garage, absent from flexation.  Rae Sremmurd is going to be the best rap trivia question answer in 2024. Via Nah Right
Kyle Ellison carried Sergio Flores’ saxophone for 15 years Future has been brushing shoulders with the stars at Club Tropicana for a minute, but he still can’t get love from King George. I needn’t spill any more ink over The Wham Rap – its place in the hip hop history books secured. George Michael was […]
  Kyle Ellison ain’t got no Weezy in his Serato Between Nicki getting back to her fire breathing best, Lil Wayne’s preparation for what he says is his final album and Drake’s intolerance of lint – Young Money is back in the conversation. This past weekend saw all three of the label’s cash money cows […]
Brad Beatson knows it’s Monday. Sometimes, when I meet a woman who seems interested, I spout fiction as fact. I want to project where I think I’ll be rather than own up to where I’m at. I don’t think they want to hear about the drudgery of freelance work or the financial benefits of the dollar […]
MobbDeen he wrote. We might be stuck with this alcoholic, rap-by-commission ass nigga. This asshole just repeated the same trick he pulled off with that “Pop That” shit, but with fewer training wheels this time. By “this asshole,” I mean the puppet-master, Diddy. I smell his money-laden fingerprints all over this mess. And by “fewer […]
By Deen
Deen’s voting for Sosa. Nicki Minaj confuses me on so many levels. From wanting to bang her, to being kinda disgusted by her, to  defending her music to straight shittin’ on it, Nicki has this observer halfway bi-polar. In my defense, it’s her fault. She made that really interesting album that started with about six […]
By Deen
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Jonah Bromwich used to ghostwrite for Mad Skillz. Let’s talk about swag and lyricism for a second. No! No! Don’t leave! For those of you still here, allow me to frame this conversation in a way that makes sense. The PotW staff is generally in support of technically skilled rappers. That’s a tricky way of […]
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