Cory Lomberg talks with Nite Jewel about her new album, controlling her own music, and collaborating with other artists.
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When Nite Jewel met Sick Wid It: the collaboration that everyone had been waiting for:  By everyone, I meant me. Ramona Gonzalez mentioned her collaboration with the son of 40 Fonzarelli to me roughly a year ago. If I hadn’t previously spoken extensively with her about the history of Bay Area rap, I might have […]
City of Nite March 1, 2012
One Second of Love by Nite Jewel from Secretly Jag on Vimeo. Because every Real Housewives of Philadelphia champagne and strawberries soiree needs to be broken up by stoned face dance troupes, prostitutes in fishnet body suits and funky ibexes. I’ve been digging the new Nite Jewel album for a minute, but haven’t written about […]
Queens of LA’s Lo-Fi Scene February 8, 2010
Alternate titles for this article included: Lo-Fi: How Well Does it Match Your Denim Jacket? The Gorilla Vs. Bear Guide To Los Angeles, and Douglas Martin’s Skit Plans for the next 5′ 0 Clock Shadowboxers album. For those of you averse to ink stains, Sunday’s LA Times included a feature on Dum Dum Girls, Best […]
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I’m not sure how I missed this until now, but those curious why Ramona Gonzalez and Dam-Funk teamed up need to look no further than “What Did He Say.” Gypsy Disco-Funk , designed for a strobelite spot where the bartenders are exclusively Romas in mustaches and monocles. They quaff Absinthe and Quaaludes and get down […]