Harold Stallworth went to see Papi and all he got was this lousy t-shirt. In the mid-to-late-90s, an elusive figure by the name of Papi played the foil to some of the most talented rappers that New York City had to offer. Papi was a shrewd businessman, sinister in his dealings with hip-hop’s elite—a habitual […]
I made light that Run the Jewels was the antithesis of the Clams Casino and MF Doom pairing. But that was hyperbole spurred by both tracks leaking the same day. This is the actual counterpoint. Blue Sky Black Death were doing cloud rap before it had a name. They are from Seattle where the sun […]
Fat Tape: April May 2, 2012
Abe Beame takes on the conservative war on women. FAT TAPE: APRIL http://www.mediafire.com/?60fcsbxyw6gr2w2 Full disclosure: The majority of my month was spent listening to Pluto incessantly. Jeff would not let me post 15 Youtube links, so listen to Pluto. These are the nine songs I’ve cobbled together but have more or less skimmed in between […]
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Photo via Up North Trips Deen is calmer than you are, dude. I don’t know what it is about this damn song that gets me so extra hype. I think, and correct me if I’m wrong, that it’s the perfect definition of irony when a song titled “Calm Down” makes me want to shank something. […]
By Deen
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Evan Nabavian’s favorite old school rapper is Silver Fox. If the golden age of New York rap was about ghetto scripture and taut piano loops, then the silver age was about concealed weapons and glorious Tunnel bangers. The former usually earns more homages from revivalist nerds, but Noreaga and Alchemist return to the heyday of […]
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