Will Hagle explores the final tracks by artists before their untimely deaths.
Action Bronson returns by rhyming over "Dolly My Baby," the song that first put Biggie on.
A rarely heard Biggie Smalls '94 freestyle with Craig Mack re-surfaces.
Evan Nabavian sold more powder than Johnson and Johnson. Inviting your friends over to remix Biggie songs is a really dumb idea unless you’re DJ House Shoes and your friends are today’s eminent left field rap producers. Shoes sent Biggie Smalls acapellas to his buddies and came back with a pack of experimental remixes, a […]
Puff Daddy and BIG head to London in March of 1995. Puff immediately tells the crowd of the Hammersmith Palais that this is a “celebration of being black.” Then he brags about having all the champagne and then they detonate into “Who Shot Ya.” Then Biggie raps over the remixes to “Real Love” and his […]
I’m hesitant to extrapolate broad ideas about complex artists after watching three and a half minutes of footage originally recorded 19 years ago. But this is Biggie and Pac and I have a book coming out on them in two months, so fuck it. (Pre-order now). This is no mere idyll captured by Dream Hampton […]
Joshua Lerner is an invisible bully like The Gooch. In one of the many excellent anecdotes from Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap, Ice-T tells what it was like to hear Melle Mel grab the mic in the early days of hip-hop in the Bronx. When Mel would take his turn, it would sound […]
Be willing to suffer through the subpar camera work to catch Biggie constantly rolling his eyes and seething at having to sit next to Craig Mack. According to the YouTube description: this was taped in 1994 at the Arista BMG Dallas Office Branch. Biggie & Craig Mack were both on the road together as the […]
Image via Up North Trips Abe Beame would like to pay his respects…. The following is a list of Knicks who could’ve served as the possible victim in the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Story to tell”: Doug Christie, Hubert Davis, Ron Grandison, Derek Harper, Doc Rivers, Anthony Mason, Allan Houston, Chris Jent and Larry Johnson. Why does […]
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Image via Up North Trips You can guess what Abe Beame’s Spotify looks like. A natural progression for great young writers often includes an apprenticeship based on autobiographical material and intense emotion. As the writer matures and spends his personal capital, the focus centers on craft: ironing out dialogue, developing character and story. It’s hard […]
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