Jordan Ryan Pedersen takes a critical look at Numero Group's reissue of music by Pastor T.L. Barrett.
Will Schube takes a look at the first track from Numero Group's forthcoming compilation, Belle Époque in Upper Volta.
“Awe sookie sookie!” screamed Torii MacAdams  Every year seems to bring a long list of reissues– particularly around Record Store Day– many of which are completely inessential money grabs perpetrated by multinational corporations. Shout out to everyone who bought the Jay-Z & Linkin Park album on “special edition blue vinyl.” For fans of legitimate obscurities, […]
If you’re not a fan of the Ravens or Curren$y, then I’m sure Sunday was a bit of a disappointment (I fall in with the Jet set). There was the game delay, a half-hearted Beyonce/Destiny’s Child performance, and a batch of hardly funny or persuasive commercials. But one commercial made me pay attention—the BlackBerry commercial. […]
I hate to succumb to the Internet bad habit of posting something without listening to it first, but this seems as obvious as a Bill Cartwright elbow to the head. Plus, it’s bound to be an improvement on the last well-known Chicago tribute that involved the guy from Coldplay mewling about the shores of Lake […]
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Good God, Born Agains January 26, 2010
Born Agains. I envy them. I can barely choose between breakfast cereals, and they’re absolutely sold on all questions pertaining to eschatology and eternal salvation. I don’t envy their musical options though. This is the party of Michael W. Smith, Plus One,  and “You’ve Got to Serve Somebody.” They even turned Dylan insufferable, a water-to-wine […]