Corrigan Blanchfield speaks with Oddisee about fame, Jay-Z's consistency, and being implicit in gentrification.
Nitish Pahwa breaks down "Like Really," the latest track from the prolific Oddisee.
Pete Tosiello speaks with Oddisee about his forthcoming record, Iceberg, growing up in DC, and the role of leaders in our society.
Open Mike Eagle drops the video to the Oddisee-produced cut from Mello Music Group's "Persona."
The new video from his upcoming project, "The Good Life."
Holy fuck Jordan Pedersen misses Breaking Bad.  The term “classicist” gives the entire movement an unfair advantage. It opts for the word “classic” when, if it were being honest, “old head” might be more appropriate. Or, thinking pessimistically, “stale.” As Mike Ehrmantraut told Walter White, “Just because you shot Jesse James don’t make you Jesse […]
Tosten Burks is solid as a lean elk. Still not convinced that the El-P and Killer Mike matrimony signaled the fall of cross-niche hip-hop barriers? How about the Aussie, Jonti, working with New York wiseman Homeboy Sandman. The Olympics really do bring us all together. Or maybe, all it takes is a Stones Throw to […]
Jonah Bromwich was the first rapper to adopt a tabby. It’s been nice to see some* of the support for Lil B, after he said a bunch of honest things earnestly (earnest things honestly?) at NYU the other night. No one in their right mind is against love, hope, faith in humanity or seat belts. […]
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