Up All Night with Onra June 11, 2012
Jimmy Ness is the new Gilbert Gottfried.  Deep In The Night crystallizes the cheesy but affable Romanticism of the pre-Internet world. Onra’s new EP replicates the vibe of 80s and early 90s R&B, well before it stagnated into a series of David Guetta remixes. This five-track project conjures images of Jheri Curls, New Jack Swing […]
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Jimmy Ness loves this song like a fine Cuban cigar. Onra’s latest strand of funk makes you feel like a baby-faced Prince still elegantly rocking crotch-hugging leather pants and frilly silk shirts. “L.O.V.E” has an obvious post-disco 80s influence with cloudy funk vocals, nostalgic synth-work, and beep-bop you’d imagine little green men grooving to. It’s […]
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Onra – Sitting Back April 19, 2011
Onra – Sitting Back – Official Video from Matt Ferran on Vimeo. Parisian boogie in the key of Dam-Funk. From last year’s heavily slept-on Long Distance. There is little that can go wrong. Download: MP3: Onra ft. Walter Mecca — “To the Beat”