The rapping over industry beats technique feels older than 2 Chainz, so credit Oscar O’ Malley for taking the approach of rhyming over beats you might have heard on a Clue tape, circa ’98. Then again, that statement is partially invalidated because Clue wasn’t exactly fucking with Aesop Rock. One of the best things about […]
Oscar O’ Malley’s instructions are clear: let this tap dance over you. Resist the instruction to categorize or scrutinize the symbols. Maybe he’s just trying to save us time; if you were conspiracy minded, you could probably search this video for hours for hallmarks of the Illuminati. There are old films of white-bearded Romans in […]
Blunt smoke, semi-automatic weapons and grimy New York rappers produce a conflagration that rarely extinguishes. The vocoder hook had me sold. Straight out of the opium den underneath the ruins of Fat Beats. This is great and I can’t stop listening. You can download this song for free below the jump. Keep both eyes open […]