Life, Death, and Overdoz February 24, 2011
I first mentioned Overdoz last September, right before Odd Future’s ascension likely subjected them to a lifetime of off-base comparisons. They’re another one of the seemingly limitless skinny-jeaned squads clogging the 2 Dope Boyz mailbox, but rather than fight back, they work within the system collaborating with Casey Veggies, Dom Kennedy, and mixing R&B and […]
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Overdoz’s Crumbling Therapy September 1, 2010
R&B and rap mixed correctly. The secret is a surplus of that freeway funk and the absence of sallow sad-sack caterwauling that typically accompanies the new Cudli style. Overdoz are yet another example of the salutary effect of a dispensary on every LA corner and pot in every chicken. There are plenty of reasons why […]