Max Bell is in the back sipping on yak.  For the past two years L.A. based producer/DJ/singer/multi-instrumentalist (and not the other way around) Toy Light has operated at the intersection of indie rock and beat scene electronic, somewhere between Thom Yorke and Flying Lotus. If you haven’t seen his name around these parts, then you might’ve […]
Max Bell once owned a bucket hat. It’s Friday. You may or may not have shit to do. But if you’re already reading this, then you should take a few and watch Schoolboy’s video for “Man of the Year.” “Man of the Year” is a party in the trees as much as it is on […]
Neon washed, kaleidoscopic visions of the floating head of Schoolboy Q in a tie-dye bucket hat: the video for “Collard Greens” is here. It’s as good as it sounds. House party and bottle popping to pool party and booty popping — this is rap video traditionalism at its highest. In the finest of fabrics, Schoolboy […]