Chris Daly mourns the lost ones of 2016 with this excellent mix from Stones Throw founder Peanut Butter Wolf.
Peter Holslin stole the stolen chain from 50 Cent at Summer Jam 2014 Folerio is a man, and a mystery. He is a singer and versifier, but also an emblem for the beautifully weird. He’s on Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr. But who is he, really? Evidence says he is the alter-ego of Peanut Butter Wolf, […]
The illustrious Folerio paid a visit to Shots Fired headquarters in traffic-clotted downtown Hollywood. Better known as Peanut Butter Wolf to non-Polish audiences, Mr. Butter Wolf has ran arguably the best independent label of the last decade and a half. Maybe you heard of the little records with donuts and masked men on the covers. […]
Strictly for the record nerds. Thus, I love it. Few people in the LA underground music world have not been put up on one obscure records via the direct or indirect influence of Peanut Butter Wolf. Just last week, I bought the vinyl reissue of Embryo’s Rache, a deliriously good Krautrock group, who Wolf first […]
You already know Peanut Butter Wolf’s resume. The greatest Wolf since Tom and possibly Teen has dropped an exclusive mix for the Times. And by exclusive, I mean “for the first 15 minutes before the link is jacked and disseminated without attribution.” After all, this is the Internet, where everyone inhabits glass houses and still […]