On the legendary producer's latest, he returns to the fundamentals with a sense of urgency to nourish hip-hop's beating heart.
In celebration of the excellent PeteStrumentals 3, Zilla Rocca speaks to the hip-hop legend about the producer and the MC inside of him waging war and much more.
A Pete Rock mix of James Brown originals mixed into the rap songs that flipped the J.B. groove. Some things don’t need much explanation. And if you do need an explanation, read the Jonathan Lethem Rolling Stone profile on the Godfather of Soul, if nothing else for it’s award-winning use of “tuchis.”
Max Bell is an advocate for Russian head wear The UN came in with the best. Comprised of Roc Marciano (fresh from his brief tenure as a member of Busta Rhymes’ Flipmode Squad) and three of his childhood friends from Long Island — Laku, Divine, and Godfree – the group first appeared on Pete Rock’s […]
Maybe it was Homeboy Sandman reminding me how radically weird “New World Water” felt the first time I heard it. Or possibly was the Danish journalist who recently reminded me that “Niggas in Poorest” was one of the better political songs of the last few years. Maybe it’s just the nostalgia brought on by early […]
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You know what’s better than a million dollars? A soundboard recording of Roy Ayers, Pete Rock, and the Robert Glasper Experiment playing an hour of funky fusion jazz. Okay, maybe it’s not better than a million dollars, but it’s probably the best thing you’ll hear all day. Tracklist below the jump. Via Funk It Roy […]
Don’t thank Abe Beame later. When the die is cast, where will Pete Rock stand in the pantheon of great producers? Heavy D’s little cousin has a Forrest Gumpish quality of always being in the right place at the right time. You will find the greatest rappers working during the golden era here, a diverse […]
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Perhaps the first Good Friday track since “Monster” that I can co-sign wholeheartedly. Kanye and the original Curtis have been a winning combination since before Lupe was consistently a fiasco. The biggest whore since Horus kicks a few standard Yeezy verses which have become almost formulaic.  Clever puns breaking apart familiar words (planned parenthood) and […]
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