Brian Michael Payne is a Buddhist prodigy. Throughout this “The Corrections” series, writers have been grappling with the question of slept-on albums. But for my entry, I wanted to share a correction made to my music listening habits that has affected my entire life. It’s a journey I’ve just started on and one of the […]
Phish Parking Lot January 8, 2010
Perhaps you recall when I took a trip to Indio to cover Phish’s Festival 8.  Well, we brought cameras.
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Neither a 650-word review for a general interest publication, nor a discursive blog post making stale jokes about hippies can adequately describe my Festival 8 weekend. Suffice to say, my neurons currently share the consistency of fried squid and I am subject to  embarrassing revelations about my newfound ardor for Phish. It’s the sort of […]
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