At the height of the jerkin’ phenomenon, the Pink Dollaz always seemed a safe bet for stardom. They were five teenaged girls who rapped inordinately well about eating pussy, lap dances, and the general tenets of bad bitchdom. A half-decade later, PTAF rode that lane to a low-key street hit that Nicki, Empress of Boss […]
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Pink Dollaz, Still Bad Bitches November 20, 2012
You’d have thought that the controversy that The Walking Fiasco inspired with “Bitch Bad”  earlier this year, could have at least inspired someone to interview the Pink Dollaz about their thoughts on feminism, Lupe, and the fact that they have a song called “Bad Bitch.” On second thought, that’s a terrible idea. These girls need […]
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Your guess is as good as mine where the Pink Dollaz have been for the last year. Maybe they took up film editing with Rah Digga. I was told that they had collaborated with MIA, but nothing was ever released from the sessions.While the New Boyz gear up for album #2 and YG owns LA […]
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