The new Silk Road Assassins record is the link between American rap and British dance music.
If you aren’t from Chicago, chances are slim you’d ever heard of footwork before Planet Mu introduced it to the world with its Bangs & Works compilations. The hyperspeed strain of ghetto house has a long history, though, dating back to the late 1990s. RP Boo, sometimes Arpebu, is credited as the creator of the […]
After one listen to the latest Rudi Zygadlo single, the obvious node of comparison is Beirut with Beatz. But the Glasgow-based composer has always achieved a balance between the sacral and the secular, notably name-dropping a church steeple spied from his window as a chief early inspiration. Folk and Frank Zappa have always figured as […]
SachO SachO SachO SachO SachO SachO Sa Sa Sa Sa SachO SachO SachO‚Ķ Sometimes a lack of context can be revealing. When I played DJ Nate tracks for an unsuspecting friend, his first reaction was to assume that this was the work of some avant-guard art-wank working out his issues with post-modernism through rap samples. […]
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