DJ Q is Ineffable March 31, 2014
Son Raw is unflappable. The concept of underground Pop music is a strange one. By definition, Pop needs the mass-appeal to hit as many people possible, while underground sounds target specific niches searching for more challenging alternatives. Today however, we live in an era when Pop has had the life focus-grouped out of it by […]
Slava P is suddenly thirsty for a Bud Light Platinum. Pusher Love Girl Melodious croons about various vices and chunky loving Suit & Tie Luxury, focus- group rap. Done in a trendy, catchy, falsetto Don’t Hold The Wall A call to dance with Timbo making Timbo beats; lazy songwriting Strawberry bubblegum A romanticized theme of […]
Jonah Bromwich will not be anyone’s “blueberry lollipop,” just so you know. I’m not at the point where I can get specific with numerals when rating The 20/20 Experience, but I feel comfortable saying that the album is “pretty good.”  I’ve listened to it about five times or so. While I can’t say how certain […]
Rihanna, Talks that Talk December 7, 2011
Hank Erins hates that he loves you Belated kudos are owed to PotW’s resident physician for eviscerating the world’s sleaziest hitmaker in a fashion so spectacular, one can’t help but lament the degradation of the word “epic.” My only qualm with the piece is that, like so many outspoken observers before him, Doc Zeus gives […]
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