Jack Riedy breaks down how a bad ecstasy trip led to another one of Prince's masterpieces.
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Jack Riedy takes a look at the recently released Prince version of "Nothing Compares 2 U."
If you don't want to listen to these Sign of the Times rehearsal sessions, I'm not sure if I want to know you.
Eli Zeger speaks with his father about Prince's historic 1982 show in New Jersey.
From seeing his first Prince show at 10 to present day-mourning, Chris Daly examines the legacy of the Purple One.
Alex Dwyer reviews The Purple One as experienced by Toure, an apparent Old Testament stan
Jordan Pedersen never wanted to be your weekend lover. Purple Rain, the staggeringly great album by Prince Rogers Nelson, turns 30 today. It was the first Prince album I ever owned, and the title track is my single favorite song of all time. Alas, I have little to add to the heap of critical ink […]
Prince Reloaded June 24, 2013
Max Bell wrote this in a purple velour jumpsuit. If there was no Prince, there would be no The Time, no Dam-Funk. There would be no infamous Dave Chappelle sketch. And the story of Prince skating with “multicolored spark trails” coming out of his rollerblades would not be in Quest Love’s memoir. Basically, the world would […]
Dam-Funk doesn’t want to be a star because he never wants to let the ego supersede the songs. Still, he’s emerged as an ambassador for the funk because no one else was going to carry the weight. Like most artists worth paying attention to, he sees himself very much as a humble participant in the […]
Dam-Funk’s All-Prince Mix February 15, 2012
Dam-Funk fries up a platter of deep jams from Prince. I’m not in the business of telling artists what to do, but I’m just saying that the Purple One would be well serve to invite the Pasadena one over for a game of basketball and pancakes. The Internet would explode at the prospect of a […]
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