Torii MacAdams is four five seconds from getting an iced coffee It’s February 9 and it’s 75 degrees. It’s not quite hot enough in L.A. for the mid-summer tradition of shootouts on the freeway, but it’s gang banging weather nonetheless. It’s a windows-down day, and to celebrate, Salva’s officially released his latest collaboration with Problem, […]
To quote the sequel to A Dinosaur’s Story: We’re back. Our first guests are Problem and Bad Lucc, most famed for flipping Young Bleed to immense success on “Like Whaat.” But the Diamond Lane founder also dropped two of this year’s best LA rap records in the DJ Drama-presented The Separation and Million Dollar Afro […]
Corey Libow always uses the diamond lane You already know the West is in a good place. DJ Mustard’s ratchet anthems are already banging out of car stereos for the rest of the summer. IamSU! and the HBK gang keep the Bay in flush supply. And of course there’s Kendrick, coronated by Dre and Snoop […]
Gangsta Gibbs has laid low for most of the year. But as Chance the Rapper said, everyone dies in the summer, so it’s fitting that he’s returned to the warpath. MadGibbs is finished and ESGN is imminent. And on a day when Kendrick and Q drop one of the hardest songs of the year, Senor […]
You’ve probably seen Problem on rap blogs and glossed over him because no one really wants to listen to a rapper with a name as generic as Problem. He’s from Compton and if you didn’t know any better, you could confuse him with Skeme, Nipsey Hussle, and Glasses Malone as West Coast gangsta rappers who […]
  Max Bell has a $1000 shaved head. “You ain’t gotta think about it, cause you already know.” So goes the hook to “MDA,” the title track from Million Dollar Afro, the collaborative mixtape from Compton-bred rapper Problem and Richmond’s prodigal son IamSu!. It’s the statement of intent, nothing has changed since either man’s last […]