R Kelly’s Genius Raps September 17, 2013
This song is exceptionally effective if you imagine it with ad-libs from Penelope Cruz in Vicky Christina Barcelona calling herself a genius with a thick Spanish accent. Obviously, Kellz is a genius. The Juan Antonio of R&B. Lecherous, smooth, and a snazzy dresser. I just used the word “snazzy” so I’m going to cut this […]
Charlie, Last Name, Wilson January 4, 2013
Content on this frozen outpost will be light until Monday, due to the lingering shake off of holiday cobwebs. In the meantime, enjoy the best song of 2013 that was recorded in 2005. How did I not hear about this until Trey Kerby brought it to my attention this week? How does R. Kelly write […]
Abe Beame is a lover and a fighter. DOWNLOAD: A Love Bizarre (Disc 1) What did “Let’s Get It On” sound like in 1973? Today, it’s a golden oldie, something a cotton-stuffed Jack Black can croon with adorable affectation to close out romantic comedies. But when it first came out, how did it feel and […]
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