Son Raw comes not to praise rock but to bury it -- in part 2 of a 12-part series of the music that shaped the year 2000.
In Bloom June 26, 2011
Photo by Jessica Miller The one sentence e-mail that accompanied Busdriver’s re-working of Bloom from King of Limbs: All rappers have Radiohead as their art music qualifier. Why must I be different? There are few attacks more incisively executed than Busdriver’s most recent tangent on geo-political issues. No other rapper on earth could or would […]
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Aaron Frank has his own website. You should read it. When the most common complaint about an album is that “it’s too short”, it’s difficult to deny its artistic merit. After all, if you’re left wanting more, then it must have made an impact. Somehow these laws don’t apply to Radiohead, a band whose critics […]
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Douglas Martin also thinks your restaurant’s falafel is scrumptious (no Halal). Last month, Radiohead– a band so notoriously well-known for needing no introduction that the very mention of their name serves as one– announced they were going to be releasing an album later in the week, and then sent out downloads one day early. A […]